2018 Pheasant Hunting Dates:  October 20 to January 6

  P.O. Box 236
  35451 253rd Street
  Kimball, SD 57355
  1-855-SD LODGE (735-6343)

   A crisp fall day, the far-off hum of combines harvesting corn, the endless prairie wind  

   bending the grass - then the sharp crack of a shotgun, the excited barking of dogs, and

   the triumphant shout of a lucky hunter announces the fall of the first pheasant of the day.

   The vision of the Dakota Prairie Lodge & Resort began long ago after experiencing the

   thrill of opening day of pheasant hunting for many years, first as a family tradition and

   later as a more extended endeavor that included guiding groups of hunters.  The orange

   vests and hats, the sturdy pants for walking through corn stalks and sorghum, the empty

   shotgun shells, the contest for the longest tail feathers, and the tall tales of amazing

   shots and unbelievable hits all contribute to the magical aura of pheasant season.

   Providing a first-class lodge and resort to accommodate the hunters is the logical  

   extension of the hunting experience, guaranteed to enhance their enjoyment of South

   Dakota, encourage camaraderie among the hunting parties, and ensure their frequent

   return to this amazing state.  The Lodge reflects rural architecture and style, promotes

   local cuisine and encourages appreciation of South Dakota culture, while containing all

   the amenities and comforts that guests expect and enjoy.