Deposits and Rebooking
To guarantee your dates, we require a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of booking.  As hunting season is limited, we must maintain a first-come-first-served policy in fairness to all our guests.  However, we understand that plans change, especially when a large group is being coordinated.  Therefore, we will work diligently with you to rebook your hunt if your availability changes, and rebooking will be most effective if you notify us as soon as possible of any scheduling issues.  Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the first day of your booking will incur a 10% service fee.  Although we cannot refund your deposit, you will have a period of three years within which to rebook your hunt.  
Individually Priced Specialty Packages  

​Youth Hunting:
​We are committed to sustaining the sport of pheasant hunting and encouraging the next generation to continue the family tradition of this ​great pastime.  When accompanied by an adult purchasing the same package, youth hunters less than 18 years old enjoy a 50% discount.

Small Group Hunting:
Groups with fewer than five hunters may be paired with other small groups for one or more days of their hunt so they can experience the different techniques of large group upland hunting expeditions.

Various Hunt Duration:
​If your group is seeking upland hunting for fewer than three days, we can easily accommodate your plans.  For groups wishing to hunt for longer than five days, we may need extra advance notice for scheduling purposes.  In addition, please be aware of the limitations on out-of- state licenses determined by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department.

Exclusive Guided Hunting:
For solo hunters seeking a single dedicated guide during their stay, we are pleased to provide this exclusive service.  Extra advance notice is ​requested so that we can match you with one of our exceptional personal guides.

Combination Packages:
​In addition to pheasant hunting, a menu of other options are available. Groups may select from grouse, prairie dog, duck, chukar, and walleye
fishing. Advance notice of your selection is required.

Hunting-Only, Lodging-Only and Spa/Cultural Packages are available as well.  

During the off-season, the Lodge offers an exciting venue for group functions

such as weddings, birthday parties and family reunions.

All-Inclusive Pheasant Hunting Package

$850 per person per day

Our hunting packages are all-inclusive,

and everything is provided for you.  

We welcome special requests and offer

five-star customer service.

Packages include:

-  field and airport transportation, 

-  ammunition for hunting and sporting clays,

-  three full meals plus beverages and refreshments, 

-  lodging and full access to resort amenities, 

-  three birds per day cleaned and vacuum packaged,

-  well-trained hunting dogs (may also bring your own), and 

-  SAFE, private, guided hunt