Thank you so much for hosting our family hunting trip!  It was a very special time for all of us.  

                              - Mark B., VT

Just wanted to thank you for all you did for the crew while at the lodge. Great time had by all.
                              - Lenny M., MD

Thank you very much for your hospitality.  You have clearly put your heart and soul into the Prairie Resort and I'm sure you will enjoy continued success.
                              - Tom D., IN

This place is wonderful. The hunting was some of the best I have ever had. Toni the owner was so personable and made sure everything was very put together. I would truly recommend this to any of my friends. Will definitely be going back next year. Thanks again for an unforgettable trip.
                              - Dan F., CO

Thanks for stopping to help us on the road by town.  Appreciate you being neighborly!  You've got a pretty neat place there will all the new trees and stuff.
                              - Mike S., SD

Thank you again for making this an incredible trip.  I (we) can't wait to come back!
                              - Tony S., FL

 I want to let you know again how much our group enjoyed hunting at the Dakota Prairie Lodge. You have developed something special.
                              - Chuck N., NC

Thank you to all our friends who have helped us and inspired us to bring you the best possible experience here at the Lodge!

Thanks again for the spectacular time during opening weekend.  I can’t begin to tell you how much we look forward to hunting that weekend year over year.  In fact I start day dreaming about the hunt well in advance and every year it seems to start even earlier.  Heck I was thinking about this early into the summer this year!
                             - Tim K., MI

Looking forward to a safe and productive hunt and your grand hospitality.
                             - Joe N., IN

Thank you again like I said I had a great time. And thank you for taking time out of your day to send these birds and beautiful feathers.
                             - Fred O., FL

MANY THANKS for a great 3 day hunt.
                              - Hayden J., NC

This Lodge is amazing Toni and her staff have showed us an amazing time. Everything from the menu to the property that you had to hunt has a been amazing. Our organization American heroes in action came up here with a few combat wounded veterans for a 3-day hunt. your hunting land is amazing our guide Brandon is very knowledgeable on the layout of your properties he knew the right way to approach and hunt the land that he took us on. Your chef penny made some amazing meals. your Lodge is very well laid out the recreational amenities of your Lodge have been a blast. So on behalf of American heroes in action and the veterans of our organization thank you so much we look forward to doing this again.
                             - Michael B., CO

Thanks again for an amazing experience in South Dakota! I had a great time.
                              - Austin H., TN

We always have a wonderful experience at your lodge and wish you continuing success. Our group of 5 would love to return for another 3 day hunt.
                              - Jim C., CA

We had a great time!  It’s one of the things I most look forward to every year!
                              - Andrew R., MI

I was just telling someone about the great trip we had to your lodge.  It really was a great trip, you’re an awesome host with a beautiful facility. Really 1st class.
                              - Warren R., PA

It was an awesome experience and will never forget any part of it.
                              - Keith S., VA

Thank you so much for everything this weekend and for being an incredible hostess for me and the rest of the crew. You have a solid operation there.
                              - Bryan K., TX

I am really glad that I got to see the lodge first hand!  You have quite an operation there!
                              - Joe R., PA

This place is amazing! We played a wedding here and loved the people who run it and the lodge! Gorgeous!
                              - Laurriee B., SD

Thank you. As always we enjoyed our stay. Hope to see you next year.
                              - Robert R., MN